Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sometimes things just come together

So I haven't been here in a long time. Every time I check blogs I see this one and try to remember when I posted last. Normally I can't remember.

I can remember when I started this blog I fully planned on blogging every new recipe I ever try. Either I don't try new recipes often or I'm just a failure at blogging them. Well the answer is both. I have pictures of a couple recipes all ready to post but they are just sitting on my hard drive. I you'd all know how I make banana bread and granola by now if I weren't so darn lazy. And here is the other thing... I don't follow recipes when I cook and I don't bake that often!

So in my own opinion I make some good dinners but 90% of the time I cook by the seat of my pants. My method is to rifle through the cabinets and throw in a handful of this or that. And when things turn out well I'd tell you but I'm not sure a recipe of a shake of this and drizzle of that is all that informative. I made a pretty good pork roast the other week... I can't remember what I used as marinade. Last week a made a really good Chile. I loved it, initially it had a mild smokey flavor but then would smolder in your mouth for a long time after. I have an idea of the ingredients but I'd never be able to recreate it exactly much less express it to you. But for once I'm gonna try. These won't be in pretty recipe format and they'll probably never turn out the same way again. But I'm going to share this dinner with you because Brett loved it and that's rare (he always eats the food I cook but it's rare that he really loves it)

So here's what was for dinner monday. I hate to make this post longer but... you have to understand I'm a 5:00 pm dinner eater. If I gets much later than that dinner isn't happeneing. So I ate lunch late (at like three) and thus wasn't hungry at 5 and had no desire for dinner. But 8:00 rolled around and brett was hungry. We had just gotten home from WallyWorld and I was exhausted. But in an attempt to be a good wife here is what resulted. (oh and by the way took less that 30 minutes)

Ham steak, Pasta, Cucumber salad.

Ham steak. I love these things they are easy, quick, and fairly cheap. I like mine with pineapple but brett doesn't so I left it out this time. So I unwrapped the ham steak, threw it into a pan over medium heat and salted and peppered the meat likely. I then sprinkled brown sugar over the top (again very lightly). Then it was just cooking three minutes or so on each side and it was ready. I thought it was a bit salty but brett loved it.

Pasta. This is my all time most favoritest bestest pasta. I'd make big bowls of this in high school and just eat it. And you must use multi colored noodles because that is the kind I love best. So cook up some multi colored noodles. While they are cooking mix some chicken bullion what a tablespoon of butter or so and then mix it with some cream (you can use milk but it's not nearly as good). If you use chicken bullion cubes you'll need to crush it up. I prefer bullion in paste form but it's more expensive. That is the basic. It's also good with some Parmesan mixed in.

Cucumber salad. This one is cake. peel and cut cucumber into bit size pieces. In bowl mix a few shakes of rice vinegar, a touch of soy sauce and some sesame oil. Mix with cucumber and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

And there ya go. That's about as balanced of meal as we get. And it all just happened to come together and be delicious.

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